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The most important thing for successful trading and generating income is the right broker choice. It is not surprising that Goldmans Banc is the same broker. It is chosen for excellent trading conditions and quality service. This broker has come a long way to provide the opportunity to trade financial instruments with record-breaking narrow spreads for major currency pairs.


Reliability is the key to every client, because their profit largely depends on the level of security of the platform. GoldmanBanc is constantly working to ensure that investor funds are safe.


Of course, we will not leave our client without additional knowledge! No one has bothered too much time to get to the core of the system and how the broker works.


You can always get the necessary information, which is very true. Each client has the right to trust the company or vice versa. This can be seen only after special operations.

Professional Team

There are only the best highly qualified specialists are gathered in the company. All of them are interested in the client’s problem. Trust the expert of GoldmanBanc ang get what you want!

The Goldmans Banc team has won the trust of customers. Now every user requirement is in our hands. Currently 250 000 clients from all over the world are cooperating with us.


The number of our customers is growing, which indicates their trust and satisfaction with our services.


We appriciate each employee and create comfortable working conditions.


The geography of our activities ensures the functioning of the company in different parts of the world




  • Advanced trading system;
  • The most profitable assets;
  • Interactive functionality;
  • Security of transactions.

How to work with us

Appeal to us

As soon as you call / write to the support service, smart specialists will immediately answer your question. They will consult you about opening an account or about technical issues.

Start training with us

Having chosen a relevant broker, it is necessary to pass training with GoldmanBanc in order to become a member of our team. This is necessary to minimize the risk of investment loss.

Choose trading platform

The right choice of a trading platform will help you to become successful! Directly for work, we need a platform for trading. At the moment, the most popular are Metatrader 4 and Web Trader.

Choose Right Strategy

The choice of a trading strategy carries a certain result for itself. You can use the strategies of experienced traders or make your own, based on the results of observations of the market and its analysis.

With Goldmans Banc you can trade Forex, cryptocurrency, indices, commodity and stock markets.To learn more info about markets click this link

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The most convenient platforms for providing transactions: MT4 & Web Trader.We have provided all the necessary conditions for trade in easy use and accessibility using widespread trading platforms!

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Basic – $400

This type of account is intended for the trader’s starting position. This account allows you to make a deposit with a minimum spread. It is suitable for trading on daily charts and non-aggressive intraday trading. It can also be used when working with trend forex advisors.

Standard –  $5000

It is the most common type of account. Its minimum lot is 0.01, Stop-loss and Take-profit are set both during the opening of the transaction and after it. Such account has a fixed spread level, which facilitates the calculation of price targets.

Advanced – $18000

This type of account is suitable for intraday trading with frequent entrances and short-term transactions and also for scalping robots. Distinctive features of such an account are a lower but not fixed spread and the availability of transaction fees.


Depending on the  choosen account, you will have the opportunity to receive timely analytical repots

Investment opportunities

We offer all conditions for wise investing. Our support team is always happy to help you

Excellent Timing

We are used to working hard and correct. With our platforms and fast service you will save a lot of time

Budget Friendly

For the convenience of customers, we offer accounts for different budgets. It’s easy to make money with us

We do our best for the company to develop and acquire new advantages. They say that money is the root of all evil. The same can be said of lack of money. Our team helps traders to invest and make profits through fast and high-quality trading.

Mason Baker, CEO


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