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Goldmans Banc will help to realize the trade according to your wishes. Making money and investing with us is easy!

Goldmans Banc finance company provides customers with a good opportunity to trade online. All that is necessary for each of us is to have a good and stable income. Start working with us right now! Do not waste your time looking for a way to make money when you can try to become a trader.

4Years at market

Our Vision

We are growing  and progressing thanks to qualified  members of our team and interested traders of different levels of knowledge in the financial sector. Every client is important for us. We want to not only teach him how to make money, but also to show all the tricks of stable earnings, thereby increasing it. We have a clear plan and well thought out work strategy. The vision of Goldmans Banc is tangible to each team member in the form of concrete actions. We listen to all the wishes of the client and want to make our own corrections in the course of his actions during trading. We are going to ensure that each employee knows what contribution he can make to the common cause.

Our Mission

We do not create missions just for show, because this is not acceptable for the Goldmans Banc business philosophy. We have created a mission that involves all employees. We offer our clients all kinds of investment options and trading methods, we help to find the right account and trading tools. We carefully monitor that the company’s mission is perceived at all levels of the organizatio

  • high-quality provision of financial services;
  • useful individual consultation for each client;
  • high percentage of profitable transactions;
  • focus on results and long-term relationships.

Our  customers encourage our company. Every day their number is growing. For this period of time, Goldmans Banc participants are 250K+ of traders

180BUSD Profit
150000Closed deals
Meet our Team

Talents Behind Our Success

Anytime The Goldmans Banc team is ready to help our clients! The team contains only the best professionals who know their job. Each client will receive full technical support as well as new knowledge helpfull in trading.

Mason Backer

Thanks to this specialist, our company continues to grow and develop in the right direction. Mason has developed multiple strategies that our novice traders are now guided by.

Laura Hendrich

The company does not stand still, and its participants are constantly out of the sleep phase, as they rush to help each client. Our financial director controls the process of each employee to provide each trader with the necessary information.

Mia Elliot
Customer support service manager

She came to our company in order to find a compromise with each client who became a member of our team. Mia gives a clear answer to all questions and helps grow not only to traders, but also to other members of our company.

Edwin Headenway
Lead Analyst

Without the post of analyst, the market would not have existed fully. Forecasts and technical analysis will provide you with a clear and precise description of a particular phenomenon in the financial market. Our expert analyst will help you with this.

Alba Novarru
HR Manager

Any position is interconnected and in order for the staff to be large, it is necessary to look for suitable candidates to expand the headquarters of the company. In this our recruitment manager helps us cope with this task. Finding a suitable candidate with good knowledge and skill is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

Veronica Gavaoro
Chief Accountant

Our chief accountant is an indispensable specialist who has high qualifications and professional knowledge. The financial situation, its stability and the company’s business reputation depend on our specialist.

Goldman Banс was founded by Swiss financial experts. Our financial company is a leading global brand that provides services for working in the financial market. The constant growth and development of products entitles Goldmans Banc to be considered the leading global forex broker. A demo account is available to the company’s customers so that they can evaluate the services provided.


250000 Clients

Number of customers reached – 250 thousand people


European offices

The openning of Goldamn Banc offices in Europen


Partnership with global financial institutions

To trade correctly, our company cooperates with the best financial institutions in the world



This year out trader company was founded by Swiss financial experts.

Looking for ExperienсedReliableCompetentUniversal Trader?

Variety of trading opportunities

Opportunity to trade stocks, indicies, raw material, precious metals etc

Optimal trading conditions

Flexible leverage,

minimum lot 0.01,

narrow spreads of 0.1,

Time saving

Fast execution of orders thanks to comfortable trading conditions and instruments

Easy to use

Automatic opening and replenishment of accounts; automatic trading is welcome


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