Sooner or later, each trader is lucky enough to become successful. Just one step to success!

Our professional team will help you choose the right market.Goldmans Banc offers basic types of markets which you can choose for successful trading. Among them are:

  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Forex
  • Stocks

Success in trading comes from a good knowledge of the markets and even better knowledge of yourself. Which market you choose determines the future financial situation.

Laura Hendrich, CFO


To better understand what type of market you would like to trade and make your trade successful, we provide information on each type.


The market of precious metals and industrial metals affects the sphere of economic relations governing transactions with precious metals, securities and industrial metals, which are subject to quotations. Considering precious metals, depending on the type of operations and their volume, the following types of gold markets are distinguished: international, domestic and black.A distinctive feature of these markets is the state regulation of pricing, the introduction of taxes, tariffs and quotas for the movement of precious metals by the state.

  • diversification;
  • inflation protection
  • coverage against risks;
  • trade in lower margin.


Stocks mean securities that certify a single contribution to the authorized capital of a joint-stock company with the ensuing rights for its owner. Stocks are usually highly valued in the stock market. Strategic investors are the main buyers in the stock market. They purchase stocks.
Stock has one very important advantage over solid interest bonds. Their income growth is mainly ahead of inflation, which is actually the main scourge of lenders. This is not reflected in equity significantly. Stocks are anti-inflationary.

  • owning shares brings benefits that are part of being one of the owners of a company;
  • dividend income;
  • protection against inflation;
  • great earnings after taxes.


The financial market uses indices that allow each trader to assess the situation in a wider range. The index is an indicator of changes in prices of a particular group of assets. Changing the index makes it possible to assess the general direction of market movement. The main goal of compiling the stock index is to create an indicator with which investors can characterize the general direction and “speed” of the movement of stock quotes of companies in a particular industry.

  • the best way to diversify your risks
  • the ability to trade fractional lots and invest small capital using leverage.;
  • high percentage of profitable transactions;


The Forex market is designed for good and stable earnings, as well as other benefits. Forex is a currency market, if to compare it with an ordinary exchanger on the street, which allows you to quickly “turn” dollars into another acceptable currency, Forex is also a currency exchanger, but on a completely different scale.

Many people know that Forex is the most liquid market in the world. Every day there changes the amount of money that is not circulated on any other trading platform.

  • 24 hours a day, five days a week;
  • leverage can make your money go further;
  • greater volatility;
  • higher liquidity.

Choose Goldmans Banc for a good trading partnership!

The company offers a selection of the highest quality and easiest-to-use trading platforms. MetaTrader 4 and WebTrader are offered to your attention.

What you should pay attention to when choosing a market?

Average trading volumes

By analyzing the average indicators of the transactions and its volume used in the market, one can judge the market participants by the amount of capital for which they trade, as in the case of liquidity.

Market structure

Using the market structure, you can identify the opportunities, risks and limitations of bidders. Each market and instrument are characterized by specific bidders, which often differ.

The number of trading instruments

Different markets offer a different number of instruments.The more financial instruments there are, the more likely it is to have opportunities for profit. In the case of one tool, the opportunity to make a profit is periodic.


Volatility is a financial indicator that characterizes price volatility and is the most important indicator in trading and investment, determines potential risks and possible profitability. The higher the liquidity, the lower the volatility, and vice versa.


By analyzing the liquidity of the market and financial instruments, it is possible to say exactly how much capital is traded using a specific financial instrument.

Entry Threshold and Costs

Each market has requirements for the minimum capital that a bidder needs to obtain stable specific results. Traders make decisions strategically, but their incentives depend on the structure of the market and on previous decisions.

Those who wish to infiltrate the trading sphere should be carefully prepared. Trading is a tricky business that cannot do with fuss, and most importantly, do not expect momentary profits!



To get started, you must register in your account on the site. Registration is required for further correct work with accounts and trading. When registering, indicate your real correct data to obtain full access to your personal account and account management.


Opening an account

If you are a beginner and want to try your hand at the market first, open a demo account. This will allow you to gain the experience of making transactions necessary for successful trading in the financial market, without investing your own funds.


Choosing a trading terminal

A special program is needed in order to gain access to trading opportunities. We recommend one of the most reliable and convenient platforms – MetaTrader which have good functionality when performing trading operations.


Install a trading terminal

Each instrument can be selected by clicking the left mouse button, as well as by switching tabs under the working area of the trading terminal. The tool can be added to the workspace by selecting “File-> New Chart” in the main menu.


Trade Transaction

When working with a demo account, it is recommended to choose small volumes of transactions. If the system indicates that there is not enough money on the demo account to complete a trade, select a smaller amount, for example 0.1 from the trading lot.

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