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At this stage of life, there is a very good way to make money. This can be done using trading. With each new day, you can increase earnings without the risk of losing money. Trading online is a very convenient and advanced way.

Mason Baker, CEO

Trading instruments

It is now possible to increase finances using the Internet, which has helped expand the scope of trading. First of all, online platforms appeared along with real trading platforms. Now you can follow the charts, receive useful news about markets, stocks, and make financial transactions.

In addition to currency pairs, there are other trading instruments that offers you to try Goldmans Banc today. Trading by using any trading instruments can bring a guaranteed income to a market player. It is worth noting that trading with some financial instruments is less risky compared to using currency pairs.

Currency instruments

We offer the use of monetary instruments, which include:

  • basic currencies;
  • derivatives;
  • securities (shares) and other treasury bills.

Currency instruments can be selected at the Goldmans Banc broker terminal. Each of the currency pairs is attractive in its own way and has certain characteristics during trading.


Metals are in great demand among trading instruments. Gold and silver are the most used. Gold trading is more profitable than silver for the reason that you can easily set a new price range for metal, relying on the world situation. In addition, gold responds well to all economic crises and global catastrophes.


Indices are considered popular trading instruments among many traders. These instruments the trader needs to indicate the value of the world shares package included in the market turnover. With indices, trading is conducted base on the fundamental analysis with a number of distinctive features.


The trading terminal also allows to trade shares on the stock exchange. Working with stocks is less dynamic compared to trading currencies or precious metals.

How to Become a Trader From Scratch


Choosing the Right Type of Trading

To become a trader, first of all, you need to choose the type of market you want to work with. Secondly, you need to decide on the direction of analysis and the type of conventions. It is also important to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of your choice.


Choosing a Broker

The success of trading depends on the right choice of a brokerage company. It is important to pay attention to the presence of a broker license. For example, if the relevant document was issued by the central bank, you can trust the broker with complete confidence.



You can start learning when the preparatory stages are completed. This stage can be called the starting point in trading. Beginners should not think that from the first day they will be able to earn huge amounts, because novice traders lose money at first. Therefore, experts advise to pass training before opening deals for real money.


Trading on a Demo Account

Beginners should start trading after testing on a demo account. At the same time, trading is carried out with virtual money. Training accounts are designed to understand the basics of working with the terminal. Also, with their help, you can conduct a test of the trading system planned for use.


Opening a Trading Account

When opening an account, a beginner must deposit a certain amount of money into this account. The broker sets a minimum deposit, and only then the trader can begin to trade. Traders set a minimum deposit of $250.


Real Trading

Traders are advised to keep a trading journal where all trading positions are maintained. Such a journal contains points of opening and closing deals, the value of Stop Loss and Take Profit, whether they changed during the course of trading.

* For the convenience of journaling, you can use electronic online services.

Our advantages

Variety of account types

Our company offers several types of accounts for different budgets. Anyone can earn more regardless of their current capital simply

Qualified Technical Support

Our experts are always ready to help you operate successfully. They will answer any questions related to trade, working with commercial platforms and accounts.


Goldmans Banc offers optimal business conditions. For your convenience, we can open and close accounts automatically. We also welcome automated trading.

Daily analytics

By working with us, you have the opportunity to receive fresh market analysis every day, as well as follow the latest news in the world of commerce.



Industrial metals and precious metals, including gold and silver, are in great demand in today’s financial market. A merchant has a unique opportunity to choose this particular commercial tool. It will bring a good income. Throughout financial history, gold and silver were exchanged for goods and currencies. Today, investors are attracted to the advantages of trading metals in the market. Precious metals can maintain or increase value during periods of market volatility.


Indexes are trading tools that a Forex trader needs to be able to indicate the value of a package of the most important shares included in the market rotation of corporations and global companies. In addition, indexes are the best trading tool and the best way to diversify your risks. Indices can also be traded through CFDs, which cannot be analyzed, but in fact, they can be bought and sold as shares are traded.

The actions

Many operators choose a commercial instrument with liquidity and sufficient dynamics of price movements, which allows it to obtain profits. An appropriate negotiation tool for you, among other things, must also be consistent with your negotiation strategy and risk tolerance. Stocks are the right trading tool that traders and investors can trade, while they have a steady downward trend from year to year. This is due to the exclusion of the list, that is, the termination of the quotation and the transfer to private property.

Accounts We Offer

We can help you easily and safely open a personal account. Thanks to our smart team, this process will take several minutes. The opportunity is offered to create a demo account to try yourself in the role of a trader. No risk. The guarantee of confidentiality is provided in full. Choose Goldmans Banc for a good trading partnership!

Basic - 400$

Basic: created for the starting position. Such an account will help a beginner to get a minimum income.

Standard -5000$

Standard: this account is chosen by traders who for several years began to receive stable income and strive to reach the perfect stage of trading.

Advanced -18000$

Advanced: created for true professionals in trading. It is used by thousands of traders who have received the maximum income and continue to earn in this way.

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